Trump Blasted The New York Times For This Tweet About The Patriots


On Wednesday, President Donald Trump welcomed the New England Patriots to the White House for the traditional Super Bowl victors celebration.

Susan Walsh / AP Photo

Dozens of players showed up for the event, but at least six others opted to skip it because of their opposition to Trump.

Quarterback Tom Brady, a personal friend of the president, also didn’t attend, but said he had unspecified “family matters” to attend to.

Susan Walsh / AP

Perhaps knowing the president can be a little sensitive about crowd sizes (*cough* INAUGURATION *cough cough*), the New York Times on Thursday shared this comparison of the last time the Pats visited the White House following their 2015 win.

Twitter: @NYTSports

The Times tweet went insanely viral, spurring a bunch of jokes inspired by how the White House responded to the last crowd size controversy.

Twitter: @JeremyPond

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