This Mom's Frozen Head Halloween Costume Is Too Damn Creepy

It included REAL BLOOD.

Scary costume fans everywhere, meet your Hallo-queen: Alicia Williams, a mom in Irving, Texas, who dressed up as a head in a freezer.


Alicia Williams

Williams told BuzzFeed News she’d “never done gory” before, but decided to give it a try for her office’s Halloween costume contest.

After coming across a similar costume online, “I thought, okay, I can make this really cool,” she said.

She spray painted a few boxes and zip-tied them together, then added all the details: empty frozen food boxes, a fake heart, bloody handprints, and an ice cube tray stuffed with Saran Wrap to look like ice cubes.

Alicia Williams

On the outside, she glued family photos, magnets, and a shopping list.

Look a little closer at that shopping list — it includes a shovel, stain remover, and plastic.

Alicia Williams

Of course, she had to top it off by looking deceased AF.

Her daughter, Jessica, helped her do the spooky makeup.

And she figured out a brilliant way to look frozen: white rock candy, which she glued to her face and hair.

“I had rock candy coming out my nose all day,” she said.

Alicia Williams

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