This Dog Who Was Abandoned At A Shelter Saw Her Owners Coming To Get A New Dog Instead

“With her fast-wagging tail seeing her owners, Zuzu lit up like a Christmas tree.”

Zuzu is a 2-year-old German shepherd currently living at the Downey Animal Care Center in California. She is described by volunteers as “beautiful and loving” and “amazing.”

Downey Animal Care Center

However, Zuzu’s road to the shelter wasn’t a happy one. Zuzu had been living in a home with her biological father, but he died, according to a shelter volunteer named Desi.

Downey Animal Care Center

Desi told BuzzFeed News she has been volunteering at the shelter for about seven years.

She wrote on Facebook that Zuzu’s former owners told her the dog had become depressed and was “crying” after her father passed away.

Zuzu eventually jumped her fence into the neighbors’ yard, where the unhappy neighbors found her and called animal control.

The shelter assumed Zuzu was a stray, and volunteers were easing her into the facility when Desi noticed the dog freaking out with happiness. Her owners had arrived at the shelter, and Zuzu “lit up like a Christmas tree.”

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