Fern The Celebrity Toucan Is Finally Captured After Months Of Following Her Nose

Can she live.

After escaping from an aviary in Fullerton in May, her owner, Courtney Chapman, was told the odds of finding her again were slim to none. But on Tuesday, Fern was spotted near an auto repair shop in Yorba Linda, and an expert from Omar’s Exotic Birds was eventually able to capture her, ending weeks of sightings and social media posts from locals who came across the exotic bird, making her somewhat of a celebrity.

A Facebook page was set up, to which local posted and were kept up to date on the search.

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“She was quite striking,” Allison Howell, who came came across the six-month-old bird on Dec. 20 in downtown Fullerton, told the Orange County Register. “I’m not particularly an animal person, but it was definitely a sight to see.”

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